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Nursing Update: Issue January 2022


Welcome to the First Nursing Update issue for 2022!

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Nursing Update - Issue 1 Jan-Feb 2021

Feature Articles

Improving Skin Assessment Documentation in the Electronic Health Record to Prevent Perioperative Pressure Injuries, 2022 
Monfre, J., Batchelor, F. and Skar, A. (2022), AORN J, 115: 53-63.
Effectiveness of nurse-led clinics on healthcare delivery: An umbrella review, 2022 
Connolly, Carmel, et al. Journal of  Clinical Nursing. 2022
Device-related pressure ulcers: SECURE prevention, 2020
Amit Gefen, Paulo Alves, Guido Ciprandi, et al. Journal of Wound Care 2020 29:Sup2a, S1-S52.
What relationships can be found between nurses' working life and turnover? A mixed-methods approach, 2021 Engström, M., et al Journal of Nursing Management, (2021).1– 10. 
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of self-management interventions in people with a stoma, 2021 Goodman, William, et al. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2021
Stoma product selection: a guide for community nurses, 2022 
Jennie Burch, British Journal of Community Nursing 2022 27:1, 20-24
Non-pharmacological interventions using information and communication technology for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis protocol, 2022
Seok, Jo, Shin, Jinhee, Kang, Bada, et al Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2022;78(1):282-293.
Patients' experiences of well-being when being cared for in the intensive care unit-An integrative review, 2022 
Halvorsen, Kristin, et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2022;31(1-2):3-19.
Using medication distribution lockers for prescribed medicines in prisons, 2022 
Peek H (2022) Nursing Times [online]; 118; 1, 31-33. (Get free access for 7 days when you register)

Australian Articles  AU  

Understanding the support needs of Australian nursing students during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study, 2021
Albara Alomari, Leanne Hunt, et al.Contemporary Nurse, Nov, 2021.
Early career mental health nurses' emotional experiences in specialist eating disorder units, Victoria, Australia, 2022 
Ryu, Hosu, Hamilton, Bridget, et al. Int J Ment Health Nurs. 2022;31(1):230-239. 
Improving vaccination uptake with the implementation of an immunisation Nurse Practitioner
Elia S, Perrett K, Newall F. AJAN: Australian Journal of  Advanced Nurs  2021 May 26.

Conductors of care: exploring the role of the multiple sclerosis nurse in Australasia, phase 1, 2021
Therese Burke and Joanna Patching, British J of Neuroscience Nursing 2021 17:Sup1,S42-S47.
Conductors of care: exploring the role of the multiple sclerosis nurse in Australasia, phase 2, 2021
Therese Burke, Joanna Patching, British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing 2021 17:Sup3, S42-S49.
Mental health nursing practice and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: an integrative review, 2021
Luke Molloy, Monica D. Guha, Matthew P. Scott, et al, Contemporary Nurse, 57:1-2,140-156, 2021.

Nurses' perceptions of mandatory bedside clinical handovers: An Australian hospital study, 2021 Slade, Diana, Murray, Kristen, Pun, Jack, Eggins, Suzanne. J Nurs Manag. 2021.

Research & Training 

An Overview of Dupuytren’s Disease for Perioperative Nurses, 2022
Russell, M.C. (2022),  AORN J, 115: 65-78.
The global elements of vital signs' assessment: a guide for clinical practice, 2021
Malcolm Elliott, British Journal of Nursing 2021 30:16, 956-962
Electroconvulsive therapy: a clinical case study and review, 2021
Emily Rushton, Emma Jones, Diane Roberts, Br J of Mental Health Nursing 2021,10:4, 1-9.
Nutritional care of older people: Investigating nurses’ attitudes in medical and surgical units, 2021
Loris Bonetti, Stefano Terzoni, Maura Lusignani, Marina Negri, Marco Froldi & Anne Destrebecq, Contemporary Nurse, June 2021.
The Effects of High-Fidelity Simulation, Low-Fidelity Simulation, and Video Training on Nursing Student Anxiety in the Clinical Setting 
Thompson, C. Nursing Education Perspectives2021;42(3):162-164.
Integrated Review of Psychosocial and Behavioral Health Assessments and Interventions in Pulmonary Hypertension
Von Visger, Tania, Lee, Diana, Lyons, Amy, Chang, Yu-Ping. Nursing Research. 2021;70(2):150-161.
Communication training programmes for informal caregivers of people living with dementia: A systematic review, 2021
Perkins, Luke; Felstead, Cerne; Stott, Joshua; Spector, Aimee, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 00, 1– 17.

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Krystle K Martin, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 8445621211018061, 2021 May 22.
An integrative review of comprehensive nursing assessment tools developed based on Gordon’s Eleven Functional Health Patterns, 2021
GENGO E SILVA BUTCHER, R. de C.; JONES, D. A. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, [s. l.], v. 32, n. 4, p. 294–307, 2021



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