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Nursing Update: Issue 1-3 Jan-March 2021

Nursing Update

Feature Articles


Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on critical care healthcare workers' depression, anxiety, and stress levels, 2021
Naomi E. Hammond, Liz Crowe, Brett Abbenbroek, et al Australian Critical Care, Volume 34, Issue 2, 2021,Pages 146-154.
Effects of Education on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment for Reduction of Contamination: A Randomized Trial, 2020
Yeon, J. H., & Shin, Y. S. (2020).SAGE Open Nursing. 
Strategies and resources for nurse leaders to use to lead with empathy and prudence so they understand and address sources of anxiety among nurses practising in the era of COVID-19, 2021 
Hofmeyer, A. and Taylor, R. (2021), J Clin Nurs, 30: 298-305.
Factors associated with missed nursing care and nurse-assessed quality of care during the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 Labrague, L. J., de los Santos, J. A. A., & Fronda, D. C. (2021). Journal of Nursing Management, 1– 9. 
Case Report: Multiple Sclerosis Relapses After Vaccination Against SARS-CoV2: A Series of Clinical Cases, 2021
Nistri R, Barbuti E, Rinaldi V, Tufano L, Pozzilli V, Ianniello A, Marinelli F, De Luca G, Prosperini L, Tomassini V and Pozzilli C (2021) Front. Neurol. 12:765954. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2021.765954

Special ISSUE:  The Coronavirus disease 2019 Pandemic: a critical care focus, Volume 34, Issue 2, Pages 117-194 (March 2021) Australian Critical Care

Feature Articles

Chronic wound care delivery in wound clinics, community nursing and residential aged care settings: A qualitative analysis using Levine's Conservation Model, 2021 Monaro, Susan et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Issue: Volume 30(9-10), 2021, p 1295-1311.

Can nurses help improve self‐care of patients living with atrial fibrillation? A focus group study exploring patients' disease knowledge gaps, 2020 Nursing Open. 2020; 7: 998– 1010. 

Malnutrition and Inadequate Eating Behaviour during Hospital Stay in Geriatrics—An Explorative Analyses of NutritionDay Data in Two Hospitals, 2021 Fabian GraebReinhold Wolke, Nursing Report. 2021 Dec; 11(4): 929–941.

Australian Perspectives 

The community nurse in Australia. Who are they? A rapid systematic review, 2021 
Blay, N., Sousa, M. S., Rowles, M., & Murray-Parahi, P. (2021) Journal of Nursing Management,1– 15. 
Exploring the experiences of internationally and locally qualified nurses working in a culturally diverse environment, 2019
O'Callaghan, Cathy; et al. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing (Online) Vol. 36, Iss. 2, Dec 2018-Feb 2019): 23-34. 
Contribution of nurse leaders to rural and remote health research in Australia: A non-systematic scoping review, 2021
Hannah Beks et al. Collegian, Volume 28, Issue 6, 652 - 684.
Employment of the Australian graduate nursing workforce: A retrospective analysis, 2021
Gemma Dolerman, Collegian, In Press, corrected proof.

Research & Training 

Writing an abstract for mental health topics: Top ten tips
Professor Rhonda Wilson, RN PhD, Professor in nursing (mental health and digital health)

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Aspiration pneumonia: A renewed perspective and practical approach, 2021;
Almirall, Jordi; Boixeda, Ramon; de la Torre, Mari C; Torres, Antoni. Respiratory Medicine. 185:106485, 2021 

The Swedish version of the attitude towards pressure ulcer prevention instrument for use in an operating room context (APUP-OR): A nationwide psychometric evaluation, 2021. Karin K Falk-Brynhildsen, Journal of tissue viability, 2021. 

Nutritional Counseling Protocol for Colorectal Cancer Patients after Surgery Improves Outcome, 2021
Novelli IR; Araujo, Nutrition & Cancer. 73(11-12):2278-2286, 2021.


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