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Nursing Update: Issue 6 June 2021

Nursing Update - Issue 6 June 2021

Feature Articles

A Protocol for Performing Reconstructive Microsurgery on Patients With COVID-19
Thione, Alessandro, Sanchez-Garcia, Alberto, et al. Plastic Surgery Nursing2021;41(1):36-39.

COVID‐19 and Indigenous Peoples: An imperative for action
Tamara Power, et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Volume 29, Issue15-16 August 2020, Pages 2737-2741.

Literature-based review of the drugs used for the treatment of COVID-19
Current Medicine Research and Practice, Volume 10, Issue 3, May–June 2020.

The dietary knowledge measurement instruments in diabetes: A systematic psychometric review
Montagut-Martinez, Pedro; Perez-Cruzado, David; Gutierrez-Sanchez, Daniel. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Issue: Volume 77(6), June 2021, p 2595-2622.

Reaching a tipping point: Perioperative nurse managers’ narratives about reasons for leaving their employment—A qualitative study
Erebouni Arakelian, Gudrun Rudolfsson. Journal of Nursing Management, Vol. 29, No. 4 pp. 664-671, Oct 2020.

Chronic wound care delivery in wound clinics, community nursing and residential aged care settings: A qualitative analysis using Levine's Conservation Model
Monaro, Susan et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Issue: Volume 30(9-10), May 2021, p 1295-1311.

Patient safety and bedrail use as a global phenomenon: A prevalence study 
Tsz Kiu Yu, et al. Contemporary Nurse, 56:3, 204-214, 2020.

Issues affecting nurses’ capability to use digital technology at work: An integrative review
Janie Brown, Nicole Pope, Anna Maria, Jaci Mason  Alani Morgan. Journal of Clinical Nursing,16 May 2020.

Australian Articles  AU  

The Chronic Liver Disease Nurse Role in Australia: Describing 10 Years of a New Role in Cirrhosis Management
Wundke, Rachel et al. Gastroenterology Nursing, 2019.

Compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue in Australian emergency nurses: A descriptive cross-sectional study
O'Callaghan, E. L., Lam, L., Cant, R., & Moss, C. International Emergency Nursing, Vol. 48, January, 2020.

Vic emergency departments during COVID-19: overall presentations down but assault & DIY injuries up
Health Times Magzine, 12-08-2020. Janneke Berecki-Gisolf, Associate Professor, Accident Research Centre, Monash University.

Risk factors for occupational violence and aggression in the emergency department.
Pouryahya P, Lim A. Med Emergency, MJEM 2020; 28:29-32. 

Ventilation bundle compliance in two Australian intensive care units: An observational study. A Review of Central Venous Access Using Ultrasound Guidance Technology Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. Issue: Volume 42(2), April/June 2020.

Exploring the knowledge, attitudes and needs of advance care planning in older Chinese Australians
Yap, Sok Shin; Chen, Karren ; Detering, Karen ; Fraser, Scott A. Journal of Clinical Nursing; Issue: Volume 27(17-18), Sep 2018, p 3298–3306.

Improving vaccination uptake with the implementation of an immunisation Nurse Practitioner 
Elia S, Perrett K, Newall F. AJAN: Australian Journal of  Advanced Nurs [Internet]. 2021 May 26

Research & Training 

The Effects of High-Fidelity Simulation, Low-Fidelity Simulation, and Video Training on Nursing Student Anxiety in the Clinical Setting 
Thompson, C. Nursing Education Perspectives2021;42(3):162-164.

Nursing Education After COVID‐19: Same or Different?
Karen H. Morin. Journal of Clinical Nursing,16 May Accepted article, 2020.

Integrated Review of Psychosocial and Behavioral Health Assessments and Interventions in Pulmonary Hypertension
Von Visger, Tania, Lee, Diana, Lyons, Amy, Chang, Yu-Ping. Nursing Research. 2021;70(2):150-161.

Meeting the Canadian strength training recommendations: Implications for the cardiometabolic, psychological and musculoskeletal health of nurses Tasuku Terada et al. Journal of Nursing Management, Volume29, Issue 4, May 2021,Pages 681-689.

Forensic mental health nursing and evidence-based practice: a quantitative study 
Claire Newman, Karen Patterson & Michelle Eason (2020) Contemporary Nurse, 56:4, 354-362.

“Training Nursing Skills: A Quantitative Study of Nursing Students’ Experiences before and after Clinical Practice,”
 Nursing Research and Practice, vol. 2018, Article ID 8984028, 9 pages, 2018. Open Access.

In the Spotlight

**Every Month Nursing Update will highlight an area of interest. To learn more and explore.**

The June issue is looking at
Refugee Week -  June 20th- June 26th. The theme slogan for 2021 is Unity.

Refugee week -  Refugee Nurses of Australia (20/6-26/6)


© RNA, Refugee Nurses of Australia

Health education, health promotion and literacy       

Culturally safe practice

Volunteer Week

Recognition of volunteers in so many areas of our community was recognised on Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd May 2021. 


Research Briefing: Volunteering during the first year of COVID-19


Refugee Week

Developing Programs for African Families, by African Families: Engaging African Migrant Families in Melbourne in Health Promotion Interventions.
Halliday, Jennifer A. et al. Family & Community Health. 37(1):60-73, January/March 2014 .
Full text

Culture competence and mental health across different immigrant and refugee groups
Oppedal B; Keles S; Cheah C; Roysamb E.BMC Public Health. 20(1):292, 2020 Mar 06.
Chok, Harrison Ng et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2019.
Shaffer, Franklin et al. Nursing Administration Quarterly. 43(1):10-18, January/March 2019.

Mental disorders, suicide attempt and suicide: differences in the association in refugees compared with Swedish-born individuals
Björkestam, E. et al. British Journal of Psychiatry, [s. l.], v. 217, n. 6, p. 679–685, 2020.
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