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Literature searching: Ovid Nursing

Ovid Nursing Quick Link

What is Ovid Nursing?

  • Small bibliographic database of nursing literature
  • Years of coverage: 1946 to present.


  • There can be formatting issues with exporting records to Endnote
  • Content appears to be a duplicate of other databases such as Medline, Ovid Emcare and CINAHL

How to search Ovid Nursing

  • Use the same method as searching Ovid Medline - combining subject headings and textwords
  • Subject headings will appear slightly different (Ovid Nursing uses a different set of terms)
  • Simple search syntax (commands) such as .ti,ab are exactly the same

If you already have a Medline search strategy

Translating a search from Ovid Medline to Ovid Nursing

  • Use your Ovid Medline search strategy as a cheat sheet.
  • The layout of Ovid Nursing is very similar to Medline, except the subject headings are different
  • SEARCH FOR DATABASE SPECIFIC SUBJECT HEADINGS (this is the main difference - subject headings in Medline and Ovid Nursing are very different)
  • Textword search lines will be the same, as long as you have kept to title and abstract fields - you can copy and paste these in
  • The way you group concepts will be the same