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COVID-19 Feature Articles: Issue 93 March 17

A guide that lists selected articles regarding COVID-19 relevant to SVHA

COVID-19 Feature Articles

This page lists feature articles on COVID-19 relevant to people working at St Vincent's Health Australia.

All articles listed are open access unless stated otherwise.


Resistance mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant after Sotrovimab use. AUS
New England Journal of Medicine:2022: March 9 
Full text

Clinical Practice 

Remote-delivered cardiac rehabilitation during COVID-19: a prospective cohort comparison of health-related quality of life outcomes and patient experiences. AUS
European Journal of cardiovascular Nursing:2022: February 8 
Full text

Impact of COVID-19 on appendicitis presentations in children in Australia and New Zealand. AUS
ANZ Journal of Surgery:2022: March 13 
Full text

An outpatient management strategy using a Coronataxi digital early warning system reduces coronavirus disease 2019 mortality.
Open Forum Infectious Diseases:2022: February 8 
Full text

Pathophysiology and Long COVID

Multiple early factors anticipate post-acute COVID-19 sequelae.
Cell:2022: January 24 
Full text

SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank.
Nature:2022: March 7 
Full text

Severe Neuro-COVID is associated with peripheral immune signatures, autoimmunity and signs of neurodegeneration: a prospective cross-sectional study.
medRxiv:2022: March 2 
Full text

Peripheral neuropathy evaluations of patients with prolonged long COVID.
Neurology: 2022: March 1 
Full text

Identification of distinct long COVID clinical phenotypes through cluster analysis of self-reported symptoms.
Open Forum Infectious Diseases:2022: February 7
Full text

One-year trajectory of cognitive changes in older survivors of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a longitudinal cohort study.
JAMA Neurology:2022: March 8 
Full text

Infection Control

Strategies utilized to prevent and control SARS-CoV-2 transmission in two congregate, psychiatric healthcare settings during the pandemic.
American Journal of Infection Control:2022: February 14 
Full text

Rapid development and implementation of a behaviour change strategy to improve COVID-19 personal protective equipment use in a regional Australian emergency department. AUS
Australasian Emergency Care:2022: January 31 
Full text

Should asymptomatic patients testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 wait for elective surgical procedures?
British Journal of Anaesthesia:2022: February 16 
Full text

SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk upon return to work in RNA-positive healthcare workers.
Journal of Hospital Infection:2022: March 12 
Full text


Efficacy of a fourth dose of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine against Omicron.
New England Journal of Medicine:2022: March 16 
Full text

Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness against the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant.
New England Journal of Medicine:2022: March 2 
Full text

Duration of mRNA vaccine protection against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 subvariants in Qatar.
medRxiv:2022: March 13 
Full text

Effect of mRNA vaccine boosters against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection in Qatar.
New England Journal of Medicine:2022: March 9 
Full text

Association of COVID-19 vaccination with symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection by time since vaccination and delta variant predominance.
JAMA:2022: February 14 
Full text

Humoral responses against variants of concern by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in immunocompromised patients.
JAMA Oncology: March 10 
Full text


Comparison of seroconversion in children and adults with mild COVID-19.
JAMA Network Open:2022: March 9 
Full text

Psychosocial Factors

COVID-19: Financial well-being of older Australians in times of crisis. AUS
Australasian Journal on Ageing:2022: March 14 
Full text

Evening-types show highest increase of sleep and mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic—multinational study on 19 267 adults.
Full text

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