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COVID-19 Feature Articles: Issue 27 October 1

A guide that lists selected articles regarding COVID-19 relevant to SVHA

COVID-19 Feature Articles

This page lists feature articles on COVID-19 relevant to people working at St Vincent's Health Australia.

All articles listed are open access unless stated otherwise.

Clinical Practice

Documenting COVID-19 screening before surgery during lockdown (COVID Screen): an audit with routinely collected health data. SVHA
Australian Health Review:2020: September 23 Full text

Telehealth uptake in general practice as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. AUS
Australian Health Review:2020: August 28 Full text

Systematic evaluation and external validation of 22 prognostic models among hospitalised adults with COVID-19: An observational cohort study.
European Respiratory Journal:2020: September 25 Full text

Persistent value of the stethoscope in the age of COVID-19.
American Journal of Medicine:2020:133(10):1143-50 Full text

Development and implementation of a COVID-19 near real-time traffic light system in an acute hospital setting. AUS
Emergency Medicine Journal:2020: September 18 Full text

Emergency department mental health presentations before and during the COVID-19 outbreak in Western Australia. AUS
Australasian Psychiatry:2020:September 22 Full text

Epidemiology and clinical features of emergency department patients with suspected and confirmed COVID‐19: A multisite report from the COVED Quality Improvement Project for July 2020 (COVED‐3). SVHA
Emergency Medicine Australasia:2020: September 21 Full text

COVID‐19 and Emergency care for adults experiencing homelessness. SVHA
Emergency Medicine Australasia:2020: September 21 Full text


Gastrointestinal complications in critically ill patients with and without COVID-19.
JAMA:2020: September 24 Full text

Intensive care unit acquired muscle weakness in COVID-19 patients.
Intensive Care Medicine:2020: September 28 Full text

Diabetes as a risk factor for poor early outcomes in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.
Diabetes Care:2020: August 1 Full text


Hidden immune weakness found in 14% of gravely ill COVID-19 patients.
Science:2020: September 24 Full text

Auto-antibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19.
Science:2020: September 24 Full text

Inborn errors of type I IFN immunity in patients with life-threatening COVID-19.
Science:2020: September 24
Full text

Infection Control

Elastomeric respirators for all healthcare workers.
American Journal of Infection Control:2020: September 28 Full text

Hospital visitation policies during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
American Journal of Infection Control:2020: September 28 Full text

Public Health

Inner workings: researchers race to develop in-home testing for COVID-19, a potential game changer.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:2020: September 30 Full text

Impact of societal restrictions and lockdown on trauma admissions during the COVID‐19 pandemic: a single‐centre cross‐sectional observational study. AUS
ANZ Journal of Surgery:2020: September 7 Full text

Vaccine Development

Safety and immunogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccine in older adults.
New England Journal of Medicine:2020: September 29 Full text

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