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Mental Health: MHU 2018 issue 6 (9 August 2018)

Guide to library resources for staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne with an interest in mental health, psychiatry and psychology

Mental Health Update - Issue 6 of 2018 (9 August 2018)

Welcome to Mental Health Update – a current awareness e-bulletin for staff and students of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne who are interested in any aspect of mental health. Articles marked with an asterisk* require an SVHM login for offsite access.

Readers from other organisations are welcome, but please note that some links will not work for you, and this library can only supply subscription based full text resources to SVHM staff and students.

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Publications by staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

     Congratulations to our authors for a job well done!

  • Clinical issues in cannabis use. Bonomo Y, Souza JD, Jackson A, Crippa JAS, Solowij N. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2018, Read article
  • Selected state of the art research in internal medicine, 2017. Scott I, McGavigan A, Ferson M, Woolley I, Burt MG, Russell A, Bridgman P, Ting J, Blacker D, Bonomo Y, Martin J, Szer J. Internal Medicine Journal, 2018, 48(6):619-623 Read article
  • Prescription opioid use in pregnancy. Blandthorn J, Leung L, Loke Y, Lloyd-Jones DM, Thurman R, Bowman E, Bonomo Y. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2018 Read abstract
  • A feasible model for early intervention for high-risk substance use in the emergency department setting. Howard R, Fry S, Chan A, Ryan B, Bonomo Y. Australian Health Review, 2018: Read article*
  • Reducing anxiety through music therapy at a community residential alcohol and drug withdrawal unit. Bibb J, Castle D, Bonomo Y, McFerran KS. Journal of Addictive Behaviors,Therapy & Rehabilitation, 2018, 07(02) Read article
  • Exploring Australian psychiatrists’ and psychiatric trainees’ knowledge, attitudes and preparedness in responding to adults experiencing domestic violence. Forsdike K, O’Connor M, Castle D, Hegarty K. Australasian Psychiatry, 0(0):1039856218789778 Read article*
  • Understanding the lived experience of cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: A qualitative comparison with an active control. Bryce S, Warren N, Ponsford J, Rossell S, Lee S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 2018 Request full text from author
  • Testing the relative associations of different components of dietary restraint on psychological functioning in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Linardon J, Phillipou A, Newton R, Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M, Jenkins Z, Cistullo LL, Castle D. Appetite, 2018, 128:1-6 Read article
  • Compassion and evidence in prescribing cannabinoids: A perspective from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Martin JH, Bonomo Y, Reynolds AD. Medical Journal of Australia, 2018, 208(3):107-109 Read article*
  • Improving cardiovascular health and quality of life in people with severe mental illness: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Battersby M, Kidd MR, Licinio J, Aylward P, Baker A, Ratcliffe J, Quinn S, Castle DJ, Zabeen S, Fairweather-Schmidt AK, Lawn S. Trials, 2018, 19(1):366 Read article
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of obsessive–compulsive disorder: Current perspectives. Lusicic A, Schruers KRJ, Pallanti S, Castle DJ. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 2018, 14:1721-1736 Read article

Featured journal articles and online resources


  • Co-production: Power, problems and possibilities. Gordon S, O'Brien AJ. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018, 27(4):1201-1203 Read article
  • Co-production: Putting principles into practice in mental health contexts. Roper C, Grey F, Cadogan E. 2018. Read document



  • Access and utilization of mental health services for immigrants and refugees: Perspectives of immigrant service providers. Salami B, Salma J, Hegadoren K. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing Read article*
  • Toward cultural assessment of grief and grief-related psychopathology. Smid G, Groen S, de la Rie S et al. Psychiatric Services, Read article*
Decision making
  • Supported decision-making from the perspectives of mental health service users, family members supporting them and mental health practitioners. Kokanović R, Brophy L, McSherry B et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2018: Read article*
  • Decision making and support available to individuals considering and undertaking electroconvulsive therapy (ECT): A qualitative, consumer-led study. Wells K, Scanlan JN, Gomez L et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):236 Read article
  • Assessment of decision-making capacity in patients requesting assisted suicide. Shaw D, Trachsel M, Elger B. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 213(1):393-395 Read article*


Discontinuation of antipsychotics

  • 20-year nationwide follow-up study on discontinuation of antipsychotic treatment in first-episode schizophrenia. Tiihonen J, Tanskanen A, Taipale H. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 175(8):765-773 Read article*
  • Medication discontinuation in first episode psychosis: Thinking about the offset of psychotic disorders. Galletly C, Suetani S, Dark F. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 0(0):0004867418790087 Read article*


Early intervention

  • Predictors of disengagement from early intervention in psychosis services. Solmi F, Mohammadi A, Perez JA et al. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 213(2):477-483 Read article
  • Results of a coordinated specialty care program for early psychosis and predictors of outcomes. Ilana Nossel, Melanie M. Wall, Jennifer Scodes et al. Psychiatric Services, 2018, 69(8):863-870 Read article*


Ehealth interventions

  • Efficacy of online lifestyle interventions targeting lifestyle behaviour change in depressed populations: A systematic review. Young CL, Trapani K, Dawson S et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry,  Read article*
  • Impact of online weight management with peer coaching on physical activity levels of adults with serious mental illness. Muralidharan A, Niv N, Brown C et al. Psychiatric Services,  Read article*
  • What might affect acceptability of online positive psychology interventions for depression: A qualitative study on patient expectations’. Walsh S, Kaselionyte J, Taylor SJC et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):240 Read article


Families and carers

  • Family inclusion in mental health service planning and delivery: Consumers’ perspectives. Wonders L, Honey A, Hancock N. Community Mental Health Journal, 2018 Read article*
  • Advancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of mental health nurses working with families and caregivers: A critical review of the literature. Skärsäter I, Keogh B, Doyle L et al. Nurse Education in Practice, 2018 Read article
  • Predictors and enablers of mental health nurses’ family-focused practice. Grant A, Reupert A, Maybery D et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018, Read article*


Inpatient care

  • Moral mindfulness: The ethical concerns of healthcare professionals working in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Salzmann-Erikson M. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018 Read article*
  • ​Early discharge in acute mental health: A rapid literature review. Clibbens N, Harrop D, Blackett S. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018,  Read article*
  • Why is change a challenge in acute mental health wards? A cross-sectional investigation of the relationships between burnout, occupational status and nurses’ perceptions of barriers to change. Laker C, Cella M, Callard F et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Read article
  • Developing an emotional coping skills workbook for inpatient psychiatric settings: A focus group investigation. Sharp M, Gulati A, Barker C et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):208 Read article
  • Patients’ experiences of isolation in psychiatric inpatient care: Insights from a meta-ethnographic study. Lindgren B-M, Ringnér A, Molin J et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Read article*



  • The benefits of antidepressants: News or fake news? Parker G. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 213(2):454-455 Read article*
  • How many patients with schizophrenia do not respond to antipsychotic drugs in the short term? An analysis based on individual patient data from randomized controlled trials. Samara MT, Nikolakopoulou A, Salanti G et al. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2018 Read article*
  • Subjective well-being, drug attitude, and changes in symptomatology in chronic schizophrenia patients starting treatment with new-generation antipsychotic medication. Widschwendter CG, Kemmler G, Rettenbacher MA et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):212 Read article


Peer work and consumer involvement

  • A systematic review of the attributes and outcomes of peer work and guidelines for reporting studies of peer interventions. King A, Simmons M. Psychiatric Services Read article*
  • Doing what we can, but knowing our place: Being an ally to promote consumer leadership in mental health. Happell B, Scholz B. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018, 27(1):440-447 Read article
  • Commentary on: Happell, B. & Scholz, B (2018). Doing what we can, but knowing our place: Being an ally to promote consumer leadership in mental health. International journal of mental health nursing, 27, 440–447. Russo J, Beresford P, O'Hagan M. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing,  Read article
  • Peer worker or client?: Conflicting identities among peer workers engaged in harm reduction service delivery. Wilson L, Vannice S, Hacksel C et al. Addiction Research & Theory, 2018, 26(5):361-368 Read article*
  • Best practice framework for patient and public involvement (PPI) in collaborative data analysis of qualitative mental health research: Methodology development and refinement. Jennings H, Slade M, Bates P et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):213 Read article


Psychological interventions

  • The effect of positive psychology interventions on well-being and distress in clinical samples with psychiatric or somatic disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Chakhssi F, Kraiss JT, Sommers-Spijkerman M et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):211 Read article
  • A systematic scoping review of psychological therapies for psychosis within acute psychiatric in-patient settings. Jacobsen P, Hodkinson K, Peters E et al. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 213(2):490-497 Read article*


Recovery colleges

  • Are recovery colleges socially acceptable? Thornhill H, Dutta A. BJPsych International, 2016, 13(1):6-7 Read article
  • Why make the effort? Exploring recovery college engagement. Leanne H, Mick M. Mental Health and Social Inclusion, 2018, 22(1):27-33 Read article


Reducing seclusion and restraint

  • Perceptions of nurses working with psychiatric consumers regarding the elimination of seclusion and restraint in psychiatric inpatient settings and emergency departments: An Australian survey. Gerace A, Muir-Cochrane E. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Read article*
  • Changing practice using recovery-focused care in acute mental health settings to reduce aggression: A qualitative study. Lim E, Wynaden D, Heslop K. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Read article*


Substance use

  • Translating evidence-based practice for managing comorbid substance use and mental illness using a multimodal training package. Louie E, Giannopoulos V, Baillie A et al. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 2018:1-9 Read article*
  • Social support and mental health during recovery from drug and alcohol problems. McGaffin BJ, Deane FP, Kelly PJ et al. Addiction Research & Theory, 2018, 26(5):386-395 Read article*


Suicide prevention

  • As safe as possible (ASAP): A brief app-supported inpatient intervention to prevent postdischarge suicidal behavior in hospitalized, suicidal adolescents. Kennard BD, Goldstein T, Foxwell A et al. American Journal of Psychiatry, 0(0):appi.ajp.2018.17101151 Read article*
  • Reasons for living and dying in suicide attempters: A two-year prospective study. Brüdern J, Stähli A, Gysin-Maillart A et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):234 Read article

Helen Wilding

Helen Wilding, Senior Research Librarian

Carl de Gruchy Library, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Literature Searching, Systematic Reviews, Mental Health liaison 
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