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Mental Health: Homelessness and mental health

Guide to library resources for staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne with an interest in mental health, psychiatry and psychology

Homelessness and mental health

Welcome to a special library guide about homelessness and mental health. 

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Staff publications

Congratulations to "our" authors at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne! Titles with an asterisk* require an SVHM login. 

  1. Examining the health and well-being profile of people experiencing primary homelessness: The social work perspective at a major metropolitan teaching hospital. Lording P, Rushworth K, McNicol H, Braddy L. Australian Health Review, 2022, 46(1):5-11
  2. Long-term effects of homelessness on mortality: A 15-year Australian cohort study. Seastres RJ, Hutton J, Zordan R, Moore G, Mackelprang J, Kiburg KV, Sundararajan V. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 2020, 44(6):476-481
  3. *Prospective validation of a predictive model that identifies homeless people at risk of re-presentation to the emergency department. Moore G, Hepworth G, Weiland T, Manias E, Gerdtz MF, Kelaher M, Dunt D. Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal, 2012, 15(1):2-13
  4. *Disability and service use among homeless people living with psychotic disorders. Herrman H, Evert H, Harvey C, Gureje O, Pinzone T, Gordon I. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2004, 38(11-12):965-974
  5. *The cottage project: Caring for the unwell homeless person. Neate SL, Dent AW. Emergency Medicine, 1999, 11(2):78-83
  6. *Psychiatric disorders in and service use by young homeless people. Reilly JJ, Herrman HE, Clarke DM, Neil CC, McNamara CL. Medical Journal of Australia, 1994, 161(7):429-432

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