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Mental Health: MHU 2019 issue 2 (14 March 2019)

Guide to library resources for staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne with an interest in mental health, psychiatry and psychology

Mental Health Update - Issue 2 of 2019 (14 March 2019)

Welcome to Mental Health Update – a current awareness e-bulletin for staff and students of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne who are interested in any aspect of mental health. Articles marked with an asterisk* require an SVHM login for offsite access. Staff may request an Endnote library of citations.

Readers from other organisations are welcome, but please note that links marked with an asterisk* may not work for you, and this library can only supply subscription based full text resources to SVHM staff and students.

If you would like to provide feedback or be notified of new issues please email - enjoy!

Publications by staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

     Congratulations to our very own authors for a job well done! 


  • The use of baclofen as a treatment for alcohol use disorder: A clinical practice perspective. de Beaurepaire R, Sinclair JMA, Heydtmann M, Addolorato G, Aubin H-J, Beraha EM, Caputo F, Chick JD, de La Selle P, Franchitto N, Garbutt JC, Haber PS, Jaury P, Lingford-Hughes AR, Morley KC, Müller CA, Owens L, Pastor A, Paterson LM, Pélissier F, Rolland B, Stafford A, Thompson A, van den Brink W, Leggio L, Agabio R. Frontiers in psychiatry, 2019, 9:708-708 Read article

Body image disorders

  • How does exposure to thinspiration and fitspiration relate to symptom severity among individuals with eating disorders? Evaluation of a proposed model. Griffiths S, Castle D, Cunningham M, Murray SB, Bastian B, Barlow FK. Body Image, 2018, 27:187-195 Read abstract (no SVHM subscription)
  • Visual training program for body dysmorphic disorder: Protocol for a novel intervention pilot and feasibility trial. Beilharz F, Castle DJ, Phillipou A, Rossell SL. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 2018, 4(1):189 Read article
  • Body dysmorphia in dentistry and prosthodontics: A practice based study. Pérez Rodríguez C, Judge RB, Castle D, Phillipou A. Journal of Dentistry, 2019, 81:33-38 Read abstract (no SVHM subscription)


  • People of immigrant and refugee background sharing experiences of mental health recovery: Reflections and recommendations on using digital storytelling. McDonough S, Colucci E. Visual Communication, 2019:1470357218820651 Read manuscript


  • The SMILES trial: An important first step. Jacka FN, O’Neil A, Itsiopoulos C, Opie R, Cotton S, Mohebbi M, Castle D, Dash S, Mihalopoulos C, Chatterton ML, Brazionis L, Dean OM, Hodge A, Berk M. BMC Medicine, 2018, 16(1):237 Read article


  • Participatory methods to engage health service users in the development of electronic health resources: Systematic review. Moore G, Wilding H, Gray K, Castle D. J Participat Med, 2019, 11(1):e11474 Read article

Psychotic disorders

  • Reducing smoking among people with schizophrenia: Perspectives on priorities for advancing research. Baker AL, Robson D, Lawn S, Steinberg ML, Bucci S, McNeill A, Castle DJ, Bonevski B. Frontiers in psychiatry, 2018, 9:711-711 Read article
  • The impact of intrinsic motivation on session attendance and reliable cognitive improvement in cognitive remediation in schizophrenia. Bryce SD, Lee SJ, Ponsford JL, Lawrence RJ, Tan EJ, Rossell SL. Schizophrenia Research, 2018 Request from author via Researchgate
  • A systematic review of task-based functional neuroimaging studies investigating language, semantic and executive processes in thought disorder. Sumner PJ, Bell IH, Rossell SL. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 2018, 94:59-75 Read abstract (no SVHM subscription)

Featured journal articles and online resources

Carers and family

  • “A fine line that we walk every day”: Self-care approaches used by family caregivers of persons with dementia. Anderson JG, Hundt E, Dean M et al. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2018:1-8 Read article*

Communication and therapeutic alliance

  • Therapeutic alliance, relationship building, and communication strategies-for the schizophrenia population: An integrative review. Harris BA, Panozzo G. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2019, 33(1):104-111 Read article*
  • Empathic processes during nurse-consumer conflict situations in psychiatric inpatient units: A qualitative study. Gerace A, Oster C, O'Kane D et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018, 27(1):92-105 Read article
  • Assessment of diagnostic information and quality of working alliance with clients diagnosed with personality disorders during the mental health intake. Nakash O, Nagar M. Journal of Mental Health, 2018, 27(4):314-321 Read article*


  • Depression, suicidal behaviour, and mental disorders in older Aboriginal Australians. Shen Y-T, Radford K, Daylight G et al. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2018, 15(3):447 Read article
  • The impact of immigration detention on mental health: A systematic review. von Werthern M, Robjant K, Chui Z et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):382 Read article
  • Interpreters in transcultural psychiatry. Skammeritz S, Sari N, Jiménez-Solomon O et al. Psychiatric Services, 2019, 70(3):250-253 Read article*


  • When discontinuing SSRI antidepressants is a challenge: Management tips. Manish K. Jha, M.D. ,, A. John Rush, M.D. ,, Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 175(12):1176-1184 Read article*
  • Improving depression outcome by patient-centered medical management. Rush AJ, Thase ME. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 175(12):1187-1198 Read article*
  • Meaning and medication: A thematic analysis of depressed adolescents’ views and experiences of SSRI antidepressants alongside psychological therapies. Maroun RA, Thackeray LA, Midgley N. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):374 Read article
  • Effectiveness of a self-management training for patients with chronic and treatment resistant anxiety or depressive disorders on quality of life, symptoms, and empowerment: Results of a randomized controlled trial. Zoun MHH, Koekkoek B, Sinnema H et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2019, 19(1):46 Read article
  • Clinical guidelines for the management of depression with specific comorbid psychiatric conditions French recommendations from experts (the French Association for Biological Psychiatry and Meuropsychopharmacology and the Fondation Fondamental). Bennabi D, Yrondi A, Charpeaud T et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2019, 19(1):50 Read article

Emergency department

  • Why go to the emergency department? Perspectives from persons with borderline personality disorder. Vandyk A, Bentz A, Bissonette S et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing,  Read article*
  • Reflective practice groups: Are they useful for liaison psychiatry nurses working within the emergency department? O'Neill L, Johnson J, Mandela R. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2019, 33(1):85-92 Read article*

Family violence

  • Mindfulness-based interventions for women victims of interpersonal violence: A systematic review. Esper LH, Gherardi-Donato ECdS. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2019, 33(1):120-130 Read article*
  • Cognitive behavioural group therapy for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence: A systematic review. Nesset MB, Lara-Cabrera ML, Dalsbø TK et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2019, 19(1):11 Read article

Peer work

  • Creating the conditions for successful integration of peer support specialists into research studies. Hendrix-Brown RM, Bourdeau GR. Psychiatric Services, 2019 Read article
  • Peer work in open dialogue: A discussion paper. Bellingham B, Buus N, McCloughen A, Dawson L, Schweizer R, Mikes-Liu K, Peetz A, Boydell K, River J. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2018, 27(5):1574-1583 Read article*

Recovery oriented practice

  • Consumer and staff perspectives of the implementation frequency and value of recovery and wellbeing oriented practices. Wolstencroft KE, Deane FP, Jones CL et al. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 2018, 12(1):60 Read article
  • Experiencing recovery: Findings from a qualitative study into mental illness, self and place. Horsfall D, Paton J, Carrington A. Journal of Mental Health, 2018, 27(4):307-313 Read article*

Shared decision making

  • The least worst option: User experiences of antipsychotic medication and lack of involvement in medication decisions in a UK community sample. Morant N, Azam K, Johnson S et al. Journal of Mental Health, 2018, 27(4):322-328 Read article*


  • Which types of tobacco treatment interventions work for people with schizophrenia? Provider and mental health consumer perspectives. Okoli CTC, El-Mallakh P, Seng S. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2018:1-10 Read article*
  • Exploring mental health professionals’ practice in relation to smoke-free policy within a mental health trust: A qualitative study using the COM-B model of behaviour. Smith CA, McNeill A, Kock L, Shahab L. BMC Psychiatry, 2019, 19(1):54 Read article

Suicide prevention

  • Understanding why patients may not report suicidal ideation at a health care visit prior to a suicide attempt: A qualitative study. Richards JE, Whiteside U, Ludman EJ et al. Psychiatric Services, 2019, 70(1):40-45 Read article*
  • Active contact and follow-up interventions to prevent repeat suicide attempts during high-risk periods among patients admitted to emergency departments for suicidal behavior: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Inagaki M, Kawashima Y, Yonemoto N et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2019, 19(1):44 Read article

Helen Wilding

Helen Wilding, Senior Research Librarian

Carl de Gruchy Library, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Literature Searching, Systematic Reviews, Mental Health liaison 
Thursdays, Fridays & alternate Wednesdays
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