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Mental Health: MHU 2018 issue 7 (6 Sept 2018)

Guide to library resources for staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne with an interest in mental health, psychiatry and psychology

Mental Health Update - Issue 7 of 2018 (6 September 2018)

Welcome to Mental Health Update – a current awareness e-bulletin for staff and students of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne who are interested in any aspect of mental health. Articles marked with an asterisk* require an SVHM login for offsite access. Staff may request an Endnote library of citations.

Readers from other organisations are welcome, but please note that links marked with an asterisk* may not work for you, and this library can only supply subscription based full text resources to SVHM staff and students.

If  you would like to provide feedback or be notified of new issues please email


Publications by staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

     Congratulations to our authors for a job well done!

  • When should the driver with a history of substance misuse be allowed to return to the wheel? A review of the substance misuse section of the Australian national guidelines. Ogden EJD, Verster JC, Hayley AC, Downey LA, Hocking B, Stough CK, Scholey AB, Bonomo Y. Internal Medicine Journal, 2018, 48(8):908-915 Read article*
  • A mobile app–based intervention for depression: End-user and expert usability testing study. Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M, Richardson B, Klein B, Skouteris H, Christensen H, Austin D, Castle D, Mihalopoulos C, O'Donnell R, Arulkadacham L, Shatte A, Ware A. JMIR Mental Health, 2018, 5(3):e54 Read article
  • Assessment of placental cortisol pathway gene expression in term pregnant women with anxiety. Sheehan PM, Bousman C, Komiti A, Judd F, Newman L, Tonge B, Castle D, Everall I. Neuropsychobiology, 2018:1-7 Request from author
  • Neurocognitive and self-efficacy benefits of cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: A randomized controlled trial. Bryce SD, Rossell SL, Lee SJ, Lawrence RJ, Tan EJ, Carruthers SP, Ponsford JL. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 2018, 24(6):549-562 Read abstract
  • Subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation evokes resonant neural activity. Sinclair NC, McDermott HJ, Bulluss KJ, Fallon JB, Perera T, Xu SS, Brown P, Thevathasan W. Annals of Neurology, 2018, 83(5):1027-1031 Read article
  • Does stress increase risk of breast cancer? A 15-year prospective study. Butow P, Price M, Coll J, Tucker K, Meiser B, Milne R, Wilson J, Heiniger L, Baylock B, Bullen T, Weideman P, Phillips K-A. Psycho-Oncology, 2018, 27(8):1908-1914 Read abstract

Featured journal articles and online resources


  • So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past – continued inaction on public mental health services. Looi JC, Kisely SR. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 52(9):824-825 Read article*


  • Caring for families separated by changing immigration policies and enforcement: A cultural psychiatry perspective. Brandon A. Kohrt, Francis G. Lu, Emily Y. Wu et al. Psychiatric Services, Read article*


  • Experiencing mental health diagnosis: A systematic review of service user, clinician, and carer perspectives across clinical settings. Perkins AMA, Ridler JB, Browes DB et al. Lancet Psychiatry, 2018, 5(9):747-764 Read article

Dual diagnosis and addictions

  • The impact of substance use disorders on recovery from bipolar depression: Results from the systematic treatment enhancement program for bipolar disorder psychosocial treatment trial. Gold AK, Peters AT, Otto MW et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 52(9):847-855 Read article*

Emergency room

  • Treating patient well-being in a psychiatric emergency room. Campbell K, Samuel D, Dragatsi D. Psychiatric Services. Read article*
  • Self-reported needs for care, support and treatment of persons who frequently visit psychiatric emergency rooms in Sweden. Schmidt M, Ekstrand J, Tops AB. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2018:1-8 Read article


  • Message framing and engagement in specialty mental health care: A follow-up analysis. Mavandadi S, Wright E, Klaus J et al. Psychiatric Services,  Read article*
  • Altering the attendance rate successfully for new patients at an outpatient mental health clinic. Cullen BA. Psychiatric Services, Read article*
  • Developing a model of help giving towards people with a mental health problem: A qualitative study of mental health first aid participants. Rossetto A, Jorm AF, Reavley NJ. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 2018, 12(1):48 Read article
  • Applying a model of stakeholder engagement to a pragmatic trial for people with mental disorders. Reisinger Walker E, Zahn R, Druss BG. Psychiatric Services, Read article*


  • “I did not tell it to anyone”: Please pay attention to the children of patients suffering from psychosis. Meijer M-M. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2018: Read article*
  • Experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of caregivers of individuals with treatment-resistant schizophrenia: A qualitative study. Brain C, Kymes S, Di Benedetti DB et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):253 Read article


  • Co-creation of the Safewards model in a forensic mental health care facility. Kipping SM, De Souza JL, Marshall LA. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2018:1-6 Read article*
  • Facilitating people living with severe and persistent mental illness to transition from prison to community: A qualitative exploration of staff experiences. Hancock N, Smith-Merry J, Mckenzie K. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 2018, 12(1):45 Read article


  • Clinical implementation of pharmacogenetic decision support tools for antidepressant drug prescribing. Zane Zeier, Linda L. Carpenter, Ned H. Kalin et al. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 175(9):873-886 Read article*


  • Is there really nothing new under the sun? Is low-dose ketamine a fast-acting antidepressant simply because it is an opioid? George MS. American Journal of Psychiatry,  Read article*
  • Attenuation of antidepressant effects of ketamine by opioid receptor antagonism. Williams NR, Heifets BD, Blasey C et al. American Journal of Psychiatry, Read article*

Metabolic syndrome

  • Antipsychotic polypharmacy and metabolic syndrome in schizophrenia: A review of systematic reviews. Ijaz S, Bolea B, Davies S et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):275 Read article
  • Using motivational techniques to reduce cardiometabolic risk factors in long term psychiatric inpatients: A naturalistic interventional study. Ringen PA, Falk RS, Antonsen B et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):255 Read article

Peer work

  • A systematic review of the attributes and outcomes of peer work and guidelines for reporting studies of peer interventions. King AJ, Simmons M. Psychiatric Services, 2018, 69(9):961-977 Read article*

Personal stories

  • Picking up the pieces. Stewart J., Schizophrenia Bulletin. 2018, 44(5):942-944 Read article*
  • A positive detour. Jepson JA. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2018, 44(5):947-947 Read article*

Psychological therapies

  • Specialized psychotherapies for adults with borderline personality disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Oud M, Arntz A, Hermens ML et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry,  Read article*
  • Patient predictors of response to cognitive behaviour therapy and schema therapy for depression. Carter JD, McIntosh VV, Jordan J et al. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 52(9):887-897 Read article*
  • Implementing cognitive-behavioral therapy for people with psychosis: Local and national initiatives in the United Kingdom. Jolley S. Psychiatric Services, 2018, 69(9):952-955 Read article*

Restrictive practices

  • On restrictive practices: Care and culture. Muir-Cochrane E. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing,  Read article


  • Concepts, practices and advantages of spirituality among people with a chronic mental illness in Melbourne. Jones S, Sutton K, Isaacs A. Journal of Religion and Health, 2018 Read article*

Suicidality and self harm

  • Novel online daily diary interventions for nonsuicidal self-injury: A randomized controlled trial. Hooley JM, Fox KR, Wang SB et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):264 Read article
  • To die or not to die: A qualitative study of men’s suicidality in Norway. Knizek BL, Hjelmeland H. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):263 Read article
  • Is euthanasia psychiatric treatment? The struggle with death on request in the Netherlands. Denys D. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2018, 175(9):822-823 Read article*

And the rest ....

  • Opinion: From mindless medicine to the new science of healing. Youngson R. In Hearts in Healthcare. 2018. Read article
  • Treatment implications of situational variability in cognitive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Mote J, Grant PM, Silverstein SM. Psychiatric Services,  Read article*

Mental Health Liaison Librarian

Helen Wilding, Senior Research Librarian

Carl de Gruchy Library, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Literature Searching, Systematic Reviews, Mental Health liaison 
Thursdays, Fridays & alternate Wednesdays
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