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Grey literature : Evaluating Grey

Evaluating Grey Sources

It can be difficult to evaluate grey information. However, most of the same principles for black literature also applies to grey literature. Does the author seem credible and is the research referred to in other, relevant research references? Does it appear to be a well known author or expert in the field? Does the content seem accurate and well defined? Does it present good coverage of your specific information need(s)? These are very important questions and any researcher wanting to add grey information in their research, must critically appraise the literature they come across and decide what value and evidence it brings to the specific research question in mind.

Authority - Accuracy- Coverage- Objectivity - Date- Significance - see the AACODS checklist below

Evaluating Grey literature

Critical Evaluation
Record keeping

While searching grey information remember to document where and when you found the literature. Document all your records in an easily accessible Excel or Word files for future reference. Take note of your searched and selected online links and document the full URL's with the date when you did the searching. What to document:

  • Search terms used - search phrases
  • Where did you search
  • When did you search

Recording Search Methods - SVHM Library, Helen Wilding 2022

How to reference grey

Help with using EndNote  how to reference a policy or guideline (Danila Durante SVHM Library)

Referencing Grey Literature (APA reference style, Victoria University Melbourne, Copyright © 2015 CRICOS)


Evaluating Grey Sources

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