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Grey literature : How to search Grey

How to search Grey 1

It can be very time consuming and takes practice to search for grey literature. SVHM Library recommends that you start your searches in the standard bibliographic databases to find the best search terms and search depth for your research before you contemplate running search terms looking for grey resources. How many standard databases are useful to you and how much time do you need to set aside for the literature searching process?

Once you have collated your main terms you can explore searching in the advanced section of Google Scholar or following any professional health & government related web sites as a few examples.

How to search Grey 2

Grey Literature for Health Sciences and Medicine (©Melbourne University)

(Very useful guide through the University of Melbourne on many aspects of Grey literature)

Points to explore:

Finding Grey information (includes Podcasts and transcript)
Health and Medicine resources (all aspects of biomedical and medical grey information)

Statistics & Data (where to search for statistical information)

Finding Grey Literature - QUT Library Service

© Stephen Booth/Sandray Fry QUT Library, Australia, 4 min

How to search Advanced Google Scholar

© Flinders InfoTech, Short video.

Searching Grey information for systematic reviews

© Systematic Grey Literature Searching, David Lightfoot, Unity Toronto Health Library Service, 2021. Workshop on Grey literature searching.
17 min

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