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Mental Health: MHU: Motivational interventions in mental health

Guide to library resources for staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne with an interest in mental health, psychiatry and psychology

Motivational interventions in mental health

Welcome to a special issue of Mental Health Update on Motivational Interventions. It includes:

This page is designed to be updated periodically, so if you have freely accessible online resources you would like added please contact  I would be especially interested in reputable training tools such as videos, websites or online guidelines.

Most of these resources are freely accessible, but articles marked with an asterisk* require an SVHM login for offsite access. Readers from other organisations are welcome, but please note that some links will not work for you, and this library can only supply subscription based full text resources to SVHM staff and students. SVHM staff may request an Endnote library of these citations. To subscribe to Mental Health Update please email

Last updated 12 December 2018 by HW

Resources by staff of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Reasons for use package. Kroes S, Myers K. 

The impact of intrinsic motivation on session attendance and reliable cognitive improvement in cognitive remediation in schizophrenia. Bryce SD, Lee SJ, Ponsford JL, Lawrence RJ, Tan EJ, Rossell SL. Schizophrenia Research, 2018 Request article from authors

Motivational interventions for specific issues


  • Motivational interviewing and decisional balance: Contrasting responses to client ambivalence. Miller WR, Rose GS. Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, 2015, 43(2):129-141 Read article

Appointment attendance

  • Motivational interviewing to enhance treatment attendance in mental health settings: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Lawrence P, Fulbrook P, Somerset S et al. Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 2017, 24(9-10):699-718 Read article
  • Predictors and moderators of aftercare appointment-keeping following brief motivational interviewing among patients with psychiatric disorders or dual diagnosis. Pantalon MV, Murphy MK, Barry DT et al. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 2014, 10(1):44-51 Read article*

Discharge planning

  • Motivational aftercare planning to better care: Applying the principles of advanced directives and motivational interviewing to discharge planning for people with mental illness. Kisely S, Wyder M, Dietrich J et al. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2017, 26(1):41-48 Read article*

Dual diagnosis

  • The effects of motivational interviewing on patients with comorbid substance use admitted to a psychiatric emergency unit - a randomised controlled trial with two year follow-up. Bagoien G, Bjorngaard J, Ostensen C et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2013, 13(1):93 Read article
  • Treatment outcomes of a combined cognitive behavior therapy and pharmacotherapy for a sample of women with and without substance abuse histories on an acute psychiatric unit: Do therapeutic alliance and motivation matter? Clarke N, Mun E-Y, Kelly S et al. The American Journal on Addictions, 2013, 22(6):566-573 Read article
  • The effect of brief interventions for alcohol among people with comorbid mental health conditions: A systematic review of randomized trials and narrative synthesis. Boniface S, Malet-Lambert I, Coleman R et al. Alcohol & Alcoholism, 2018, 53(3):282-293 Read article
  • Motivational interviewing to reduce substance use in adolescents with psychiatric comorbidity. Brown RA, Abrantes AM, Minami H et al. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2015, 59:20-29 Read article

Eating disorders

  • Training mental health nurses to provide motivational interviewing on an inpatient eating disorder unit. Dray J, Gilchrist P, Singh D et al. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 2014, 21(7):652-657 Read article*
  • Enhancing motivation to change in eating disorders with an online self-help program. Leung SF, Ma J, Russell J. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2013, 22(4):329-339 Read article*
  • Motivation to change and perceptions of the admission process with respect to outcome in adolescent anorexia nervosa. Hillen S, Dempfle A, Seitz J et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2015, 15:140 Read article


  • Effects of the Indianapolis Vocational Intervention Program (IVIP) on defeatist beliefs, work motivation, and work outcomes in serious mental illness. Mervis JE, Fiszdon JM, Lysaker PH et al. Schizophrenia Research, 2017, 182:129-134 Read article


  • Motivation for physical activity and exercise in severe mental illness: A systematic review of cross-sectional studies. Farholm A, Sorensen M. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2016, 25(2):116-126 Read article*
  • Motivation does not come with an ending-it's the beginning of something new: Experiences of motivating persons with psychiatric disabilities to physical activity. Lassenius O, Arman M, Soderlund A et al. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2014, 35(9):713-720 Read article
  • Motivation for physical activity and exercise in severe mental illness: A systematic review of intervention studies. Farholm A, Sorensen M. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2016, 25(3):194-205 Read article*

Indigenous Australians

  • Motivational care planning: Self management in indigenous mental health. Nagel T, Thompson C. Australian Family Physician, 2008, 37(12):996-1000 Read article*
  • Developing an instrument for assessing fidelity of motivational care planning: The Aboriginal and Islander Mental Health Initiative Adherence Scale. Prowse P-T, Nagel T. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 2014, 8 Read article

Medication adherence

  • Motivational interviewing improves medication adherence: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Palacio A, Garay D, Langer B et al. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2016, 31(8):929-940 Read article
  • The effect of motivational interviewing on medication adherence and hospitalization rates in nonadherent patients with multi-episode schizophrenia. Barkhof E, Meijer CJ, de Sonneville LMJ et al. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2013, 39(6):1242-1251  Read article
  • Medication adherence in patients with schizophrenia: A qualitative study of the patient process in motivational interviewing. Dobber J, Latour C, de Haan L et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):135 Read article
  • Interventions combining motivational interviewing and cognitive behaviour to promote medication adherence: A literature review. Spoelstra SL, Schueller M, Hilton M et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2015, 24(9-10):1163-1173 Read article
  • Theoretical approaches to enhancing motivation for adherence to antidepressant medications. Hamrin V, Sinclair VG, Gardner V. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2017, 31(2):223-230 Read article*

Physical health

  • Using motivational techniques to reduce cardiometabolic risk factors in long term psychiatric inpatients: A naturalistic interventional study. Ringen PA, Falk RS, Antonsen B et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2018, 18(1):255 Read article

Self care

  • How to motivate yourself to change your behavior | Tali Sharot | TEDXCambridge.  Watch video


  • Motivational interviewing for smoking cessation in a psychiatric day hospital: A feasibility study. Barrio P, Hidalgo-Mazzei D, Ilzarbe D et al. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 2014, 10(4):226-229 Read article*
  • An adaptation of motivational interviewing increases quit attempts in smokers with serious mental illness. Steinberg ML, Williams JM, Stahl NF et al. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 2016, 18(3):243-250 Read article
  • Understanding treatment-seeking smokers' motivation to change: Content analysis of the decisional balance worksheet. Collins SE, Eck S, Torchalla I et al. Addictive Behaviors, 2013, 38(1):1472-1480 Read article
  • ​​Smoking behaviour, motives, motivation to quit and self-efficacy among patients in a secure mental health service: Comparison with staff controls. Dickens G, Staniford J, Long C. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 2014, 21(6):483-490 Read article*

Substance use

  • Influence of counselor characteristics and behaviors on the efficacy of a brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking in young men—a randomized controlled trial. Gaume J, Magill M, Longabaugh R et al. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 2014 Read article
  • Decisional balance and processes of change in community-recruited with moderate-high versus mild severity of cannabis dependence. Lopez-Torrecillas F, Lopez-Quirantes EM, Maldonado A et al. PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource], 2017, 12(12):e0188476 Read article
  • Psychometric properties of the decisional balance for patient choice in substance abuse treatment. Finnell DS, Lee J. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2011, 32(4):243-249 Read article*

Treatment motivation

  • Motivational interviewing to increase cognitive rehabilitation adherence in schizophrenia. Fiszdon JM, Kurtz MM, Choi J et al. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2016, 42(2):327-334 Read article
  • Testing the integral model of treatment motivation in outpatients with severe mental illness. Jochems EC, Duivenvoorden HJ, van Dam A et al. Motivation & Emotion, 2018, 42(6):816-830 Read article*
  • Individual music therapy for mental health care clients with low therapy motivation: Multicentre randomised controlled trial. Gold C, Mossler K, Grocke D et al. Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, 2013, 82(5):319-331 Read article
  • Decrease in unmet needs contributes to improved motivation for treatment in elderly patients with severe mental illness. Stobbe J, Wierdsma AI, Kok RM et al. Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology, 2015, 50(1):125-132 Read article
  • Adherence therapy versus routine psychiatric care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A randomised controlled trial. Chien WT, Mui J, Gray R et al. BMC Psychiatry, 2016, 16:42 Read article
  • Treatment motivation predicts substance use treatment retention across individuals with and without co-occurring mental illness. Shields AH, Morrison AS, Conner BT et al. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 2014, 12(6):795-805 Read article*

Motivational interviewing - techniques and attitudes


  • Measuring client perceptions of motivational interviewing: Factor analysis of the client evaluation of motivational interviewing scale. Madson MB, Mohn RS, Zuckoff A et al. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2013, 44(3):330-335 Read article
  • Client and therapist views about intensive and standard motivational interviewing. Polcin D, Sterling J, Brown T et al. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 2015, 45(3):167-176 Read article
  • Psychiatric inpatient nurses' perceptions of using motivational interviewing. Ragaisis KM. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 2017, 38(11):945-955 Read article*
  • Attitudes towards substance use disorders and association with motivational interviewing education: A survey of psychiatry chief residents. Jha MK, Abele MK, Brown JA et al. Academic Psychiatry, 2016, 40(3):523-524 Read article*


  • Which individual therapist behaviors elicit client change talk and sustain talk in motivational interviewing? Apodaca TR, Jackson KM, Borsari B et al. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2016, 61:60-65 Read article
  • Change talk during brief motivational intervention with young adult males: Strength matters. Gaume J, Magill M, Mastroleo NR et al. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2016, 65:58-65 Read article
  • Primary care nurses' communication and its influence on patient talk during motivational interviewing. Ostlund AS, Wadensten B, Haggstrom E et al. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2016, 72(11):2844-2856 Read article*
  • Positive motivational interviewing: Activating clients’ strengths and intrinsic motivation to change. Csillik A. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 2015, 45(2):119-128 Read article*

Practice settings

  • Motivational interviewing techniques facilitating behaviour change in the general practice setting. Hall K, Gibbie T, Lubman D. Australian Family Physician, 2012, 41:660-667 Read article
  • Motivational interviewing approach used by a community mental health team. Tan SC, Lee MW, Lim GT et al. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 2015, 53(12):28-37 Read article


  • Motivational interviewing network of trainers
  • Feasibility of training nurses in motivational interviewing to improve patient experience in mental health inpatient rehabilitation: A pilot study. Bunyan M, Crowley J, Smedley N et al. Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 2017, 24(4):221-231 Read article
  • Teaching motivational interviewing skills to psychiatry trainees: Findings of a national survey. Abele M, Brown J, Ibrahim H et al. Academic Psychiatry, 2016, 40(1):149-152 Read article*
  • Engaging clinicians in motivational interviewing: Comparing online with face-to-face post-training consolidation. Clancy R, Taylor A. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 2016, 25(1):51-61 Read article*
  • Sustaining motivational interviewing: A meta-analysis of training studies. Schwalbe CS, Oh HY, Zweben A. Addiction, 2014: Read article

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