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Rapid review: Home

Comparison with systematic review

Limitations of a rapid review

Rapid Reviews are best designed for:

New or emerging research topics, updates of previous reviews, critical topics, to assess what is already known about a policy or practice using some systematic review methods. 


  • Search is not as comprehensive
  • In come cases, there may only be one reviewer
  • Possible non-blinded appraisal and selection
  • Limited/cautious interpretation of the findings
  • No universally accepted definition of a "rapid review"
  • Be mindful of limitations and potential biases when cutting corners
  • Can impact policy and practice but systematic reviews are still needed
  • You still need a content expert and those experienced with systematic reviews

(Source: Cochrane: Rapid Reviews-An Introduction (2014))



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Other names for a rapid review

Rapid Evidence Review

Rapid Evidence Assessment

Rapid Systematic Review

Expedited Review

Rapid Evidence Summary

How to write a rapid review


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