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Australian Standards via Techstreet

A guide to accessing Australian Standards at St Vincent's Health Australia

Searching for Standards

As you type in search terms, the search engine will suggest document numbers and titles from within St Vincent's subscription. If your search terms don’t match a document number or title, the search engine will look across title, description, and more to find relevant standards.

You can filter results by using options on the left hand side of the page. You can also sort your results by relevancy, or date published, or document title.

Here you can also unselect the button 'On Subscription' to search outside only the standards immediately available to you. You can also elect to search across the full text of all documents here.


  • You can see subscribed and unsubscribed content
  • Amendments, revisions and superseded documents are listed
  • Responsive searching, predictive text, search tips
  • View popular documents