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Library Knowledge Update: Knowledge Update March 30 2020

Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin including feature articles across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics

Knowledge Update

Library Services' Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin which includes feature articles across a wide range of topics, new physical and e-books in the Library, and websites of interest.

Access to full text articles is available both on and offsite using a St Vincent's login.

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Feature Articles


Aerosol and surface stability of SARS-CoV-2 as compared with SARS-CoV-1.
New England Journal of Medicine:2020: March 17 Full text

Coronavirus disease 2019 in geriatrics and long‐term care: The ABCDs of COVID‐19.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society: 2020: March 25 Full text

Managing mental health challenges faced by healthcare workers during covid-19 pandemic.
BMJ:2020;368:m1211 Full text

Use of in situ simulation to evaluate the operational readiness of a high‐consequence infectious disease intensive care unit.
Anaesthesia:2020: March 27 Full text

Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID‐19
Anaesthesia:2020: March 27 Full text

Developing Covid-19 vaccines at pandemic speed.
New England Journal of Medicine: 2020: March 27 Full text


Psychiatric morbidity, burnout and distress in Australian physician trainees. AUS
Australian Health Review:2020:44(1):31-38 Full text

Accuracy and acceptability of survivorship care plans: results of a pilot study. AUS
Internal Medicine Journal:2020:50(3):363-66 Full text

Cultural safety in hospitals: validating an empirical measurement tool to capture the Aboriginal patient experience. AUS
Australian Health Review:2020: March 27 Full text

Validation of a comprehensive patient experience survey for addiction and mental health that was co-designed with service users.
Community Mental Health Journal:2020:56:735–743 Full text

Integrating a pharmacist into the perioperative setting. AUS
Australian Health Review:2020: March 20 Full text

Effect of a simple exercise program on hospitalization-associated disability in older patients: a randomized controlled trial.
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association:2020:21(4):531-57 Full text

Prevalence of hospital-associated disability in older adults: a meta-analysis.
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association:2020:21(4):455-61 Full text

Disability and recovery after hospitalization for medical illness among community‐living older persons: a prospective cohort study.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society:2020:68(3):486-95 Full text

The importance of cognitive executive functions in gait recovery after total hip arthroplasty.
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:2020:101(4):579-86 Full text

Cochrane corner: Are mechanical compressions better than manual compressions in cardiac arrest?
Heart:2020:106(8):559-61 Full text

Habitual tub bathing and risks of incident coronary heart disease and stroke.
Heart:2020: March 24 Full text

Impact of anemia on the risk of bleeding following percutaneous coronary interventions in patients ≥75 years of age.
American Journal of Cardiology:2020:125(8):1142-47 Full text

Ethical and regulatory considerations for surgeons as consumers and creators of three‐dimensional printed medical devices. AUS
ANZ Journal of Surgery:2020: March 24 Full text

A practical approach to using adjuvant analgesics in older adults.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society: 2020: March 26 Full text

Incidence of the adverse effects of androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: a systematic literature review.
Supportive Care in Cancer:2020:28(5):2-79-83 Full text

Adverse effects of low-dose methotrexate: a randomized trial.
Annals of Internal Medicine:2020:172(6):369-80 Full text

Bladder training for urinary tract symptoms in Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled trial.
Neurology:2020:94(13):e1427-e1433 Full text

Vegetarian diet and incidence of total, ischemic, and hemorrhagic stroke in 2 cohorts in Taiwan.
Neurology:2020:94(11):e1112-e1121 Full text

Dementia: a personal story.
Annals of Internal Medicine:2020:172(6):433-34 Full text


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