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Nursing Update: Issue 12 December 2019

Nursing Update - Issue 10 September 2020

Feature Articles


Featured Review: Interventions available during pandemics for heavy menstrual bleeding: an overview of Cochrane reviews
Cochrane Systematic Review - Overview, James Mn Duffy et al. July, 2020.
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Evidence for possible association of vitamin D status with cytokine storm and unregulated inflammation in COVID-19 patients
September, 2020
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Gender differences in the battle against COVID‐19: impact of genetics, comorbidities, inflammation and lifestyle on differences in outcomes
International Journal of Clinical Practice, Epub ahead of print, Sept 2020
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Determining Nursing Education Needs During a Rapidly Changing COVID-19 Environment
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, Issue: Volume 43(4), October/December 2020, p 428-450.
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Feature articles - all topics

User involvement in the implementation of welfare technology in home care services: The experience of health professionals—A qualitative study
Journal of Clinical Nursing, July 2020
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Cultural competence in healthcare: Our learning from 2017-2020 will shape our future
Australian Nursing and MidwiferyJournal, July-Sept 2020.
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Home Delivered Meals to Older Adults: A Critical Review of the Literature
Home Healthcare Now. Issue: Volume 36(3), May/June 2018, p 159–168.
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Leading unique cultures in departments with low turnover of nurses. A positive deviance approach study
Journal of Nursing Management, June 2020.
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An integrative review: Challenges and opportunities for stroke survivors and caregivers in hospital to home transition care
Journal of Advanced Nursing, June 2020.
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Peer Teaching in High-Fidelity Simulation: Participant Experiences and Reflections
Nurse Educator, Issue: Volume 43(6), November/December 2018, p 312–316.
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Raising the Bar: Using Simulation to Advance Staff Competency Regarding the Patient Experience
Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, Sept-Oct 2020
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Mitochondrial Dysregulation in Sepsis: A Literature Review 
Clinical Nurse Specialist, August 2020.
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Learning Sterile Procedures Through Transformative Reflection: Use of iPad Videos in a Nursing Laboratory Course
Nurse Educator, Issue: Volume 43(6), November/December 2018, p 330–333.
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Acute decompensated heart failure: a study of nursing care
British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, March 2020.
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Evaluating the Outcomes of an Organizational Initiative to Expand End-of-Life Resources in Intensive Care Units With Palliative Support Tools and Floating Hospice
Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, July-August 2020.
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The development and psychometric testing of three instruments that measure person‐centred caring as three concepts – Personalization, participation and responsiveness
Journal of Advanced Nursing, Aug 2020.
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Distance Versus On-Site Educational Strategies for Competency-Based Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Education
Journal of Addictions Nursing. Issue: Volume 29(4), October/December 2018, p E1–E8.
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“Walls are put up when curiosity ends”: Transformative Education in the Canadian Carceral Context
Journal of Prison Education and Reentry, 2019-20.
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HealthTimes - news

Generation Next - Helping Graduate Nurses and Midwives Find Jobs
Oct, 2020.
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Weekly injection could treat type 2 diabetes, new enzyme discovery suggests
HealthTimes magazine, September 2020.
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Gaps in supportive care services for Aboriginal cancer patients
Health Times, June 2020
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