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Nursing Update: Special issue: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls, Falls and Delirium

National Standard and Resources

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Safety and Quality Improvement Guide Standard 10: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls, October 2012

NSQHS Standards fact sheet (National Safety and Quality Standards and Accreditation) – Standard 10: Preventing falls and harm
Fact sheet

Preventing Falls and Harm From Falls in Older People: Best Practice Guidelines for Australian Hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Community Care 2009

Delirium and dementia issues

Evidence for the safety and quality issues associated with the care of patients with cognitive impairment in acute care settings: a rapid review October 2013 (ACSQHC, Sydney ) Includes delirium, dementia care pathways, delirium in acute care settings)

Delirium Clinical Care Standard

“The Delirium Clinical Care Standard aims to ensure that patients with delirium at the time of presentation to hospital receive optimal treatment to reduce the duration and severity of the condition. It also aims to ensure that patients at risk of delirium during a hospital admission are identified promptly and receive preventive strategies.” July 2016, ACSQHC.

Falls - Australian Focus

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Falls - General

Falls Delirium - Screening & Diagnosis

Scales and tools

Epidemiology, risk factors

Falls - Delirium, Prevention & Management

Postoperative Period


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October issue: Special issue: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls, Falls and Delirium No. 10 October 2018