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Library Knowledge Update: Knowledge Update September 3 2018

Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin including feature articles across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics

Knowledge Update

Library Services' Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin which includes feature articles across a wide range of topics, new physical and e-books in the Library, and websites of interest.

Access to full text articles is available both on and offsite using a St Vincent's login.

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Feature Articles

Citizens, consumers or patients: what's in a name? AUS
Internal Medicine Journal:2018:48(8):899-901 Full text

Providing physical health care for people accessing mental health services: Clinicians’ perceptions of their role. AUS
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing:2018: August 27 Full text

Hospital-acquired pressure injuries: Are they accurately reported? A prospective descriptive study in a large tertiary hospital in Australia. AUS
Journal of Tissue Viability:2018: July 10 Full text

Door openings in the operating room are associated with increased environmental contamination.
American Journal of Infection Control:2018:46(8):954-56 Full text

Deprescribing: the emerging evidence for and the practice of the ‘geriatrician’s salute’.
Age and Ageing:2018:47(5):638-40 Full text

Attention, arousal and other rapid bedside screening instruments for delirium in older patients: a systematic review of test accuracy studies.
Age and Ageing:2018:47(5):644-53 Full text

When should the driver with a history of substance misuse be allowed to return to the wheel? A review of the substance misuse section of the Australian national guidelines. STV
Internal Medicine Journal:2018:48(8):908-15 Full text

External validation of computed tomography decision rules for minor head injury: prospective, multicentre cohort study in the Netherlands.
BMJ: 2018:362:k3527 Full text

Increased risk of rehospitalization for acute diabetes complications and suicide attempts in patients With type 1 diabetes and comorbid schizophrenia.
Diabetes Care:2018: August 27 Full text

Impact of cardiac MRI in heart failure patients referred to a tertiary advanced heart failure unit: improvements in diagnosis and management. AUS
Internal Medicine Journal:2018: August 28 Full text

Attractions and barriers to Australian physician‐researcher careers. AUS
Internal Medicine Journal:2018: August 28 Full text

Recent trends in the use of linked data in Australia. AUS
Australian Health Review:2018: August 27 Full text