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Library Knowledge Update: Knowledge Update March 18 2019

Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin including feature articles across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics

Knowledge Update

Library Services' Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin which includes feature articles across a wide range of topics, new physical and e-books in the Library, and websites of interest.

Access to full text articles is available both on and offsite using a St Vincent's login.

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Feature Articles

Model for integrated care for chronic disease in the Australian context: Western Sydney Integrated Care Program. AUS
Australian Health Review:2019: March 13 Full text

End-of-life care in hospital: an audit of care against Australian national guidelines. AUS
Australian Health Review:2019: March 5 Full text

Implementing advance care planning in acute hospitals: leading the transformation of norms.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society:2019: March 10 Full text

The impact of rapid molecular diagnostic testing for respiratory viruses on outcomes for emergency department patients. AUS
Medical Journal of Australia:2019: March 5 Full text

True 99th centile of high sensitivity cardiac troponin for hospital patients: prospective, observational cohort study.
BMJ:2019: 364:l729 Full text

Living alone and cardiovascular disease outcomes.
Heart:2019: February 21 Full text

Late onset heart failure after childhood chemotherapy.
European Heart Journal:2019:40(10):798-800 Full text

Deprescribing cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine in dementia: guideline summary. AUS
Medical Journal of Australia:2019:210(4):174-79 Full text

Association of midlife diet with subsequent risk for dementia.
JAMA:2019: 321(10):957-68 Full text

Intraoperative dexmedetomidine to prevent postoperative delirium: in search of the magic bullet.
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia:2019:66(4):365-70 Full text

Failure to access prescribed pharmaceuticals by older patients with chronic conditions. AUS
Australian Health Review:2019: March 4 Full text

Social consequences of advanced cancer in patients and their informal caregivers: a qualitative study.
Supportive Care in Cancer:2019:27(4):1187-95 Full text

Experience-based design, co-design and experience-based co-design in palliative and end-of-life care.
BMJ Palliative and Supportive Care:2019:9(1):60-66 Full text

Should palliative care be rebranded?
BMJ:2019: 364:l881 Full text

Familial colorectal cancer risk in half siblings and siblings: nationwide cohort study.
BMJ:2019:364:l803 Full text

Lessons learned in prison and jail-based telepsychiatry.
Current Psychiatry Reports:2019:21:15 Full text

Health of carers of young people with early psychosis: a biopsychosocial approach. AUS
Australian Social Work:2019: March 8 Full text

Site Spotlight

Alcohol and other drug use in regional and remote Australia: consumption, harms and access to treatment 2016–17

This report form the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  identifies trends and differences in alcohol and other drug use, harms and treatment in Major cities and Regional and remote Australia. While the consumption of illicit drugs was similar for clients in Major cities and Regional and remote areas, the type of illicit drug used varied. Clients in Regional and remote areas were more likely than those in Major cities to travel 1 hour or longer to access services. 

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