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Library Knowledge Update: Knowledge Update February 11 2019

Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin including feature articles across a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics

Knowledge Update

Library Services' Knowledge Update is a weekly bulletin which includes feature articles across a wide range of topics, new physical and e-books in the Library, and websites of interest.

Access to full text articles is available both on and offsite using a St Vincent's login.

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Feature Articles

What do patients really want? An in-depth examination of patient experience in four Australian hospitals. STV
BMC Health Services Research:2019:19:38 Full text

Identifying the cultural heritage of patients during clinical handover and in hospital medical records.
Medical Journal of Australia:2019: January 18 Full text

Patient-reported complications related to peripherally inserted central catheters: a multicentre prospective cohort study.
BMJ Quality and Safety:2019: January 25 Full text

Advance care planning in the context of clinical deterioration: a systematic review of the literature. AUS
Palliative Care:2019: January 19 Full text

Palliative care in motor neurone disease: where are we now?
Palliative Care:2019: January 21 Full text

Hours of care and caring tasks performed by Australian carers of adults with mental illness: results from an online survey. AUS
Community Mental Health Journal:2019:55(2):279-95 Full text

Prehabilitation: the emperor's new clothes or a new arena for physical therapists?
Physical Therapy:2019:99(2):127-30 Full text

Efficacy and safety of statin therapy in older people: a meta-analysis of individual participant data from 28 randomised controlled trials. AUS
Lancet:2019:393(10170):407-15 Full text

Transcatheter heart valve interventions: where are we? Where are we going?
European Heart Journal:2019:40(5):422-40 Full text

The risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular hospitalizations after early stage breast cancer: a matched cohort study.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute:2019: January 31 Full text

Association of thrombectomy with stroke outcomes among patient subgroups: secondary analyses of the DEFUSE 3 randomized clinical trial.
JAMA Neurology:2019: January 28 Full text

Effect of electroencephalography-guided anesthetic administration on postoperative delirium among older adults undergoing major surgery: The ENGAGES randomized clinical trial.
JAMA:2019:321(5):473-83 Full text

Antibiotic prophylaxis in the management of open fractures.
JBJS Reviews:2019: February 5 Full text

Organoids — preclinical models of human disease.
New England Journal of Medicine:2019: 380:569-79 Full text

Global, regional, and national burden of suicide mortality 1990 to 2016: systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016.
BMJ: 2019;364:l94 Full text

Site Spotlight - Musculoskeletal conditions and comorbidity in Australia

Musculoskeletal conditions and comorbidity in Australia is a new report from the Australian institute of Health and Welfare.

This report examines the prevalence of comorbid chronic conditions among people with musculoskeletal conditions using data from the National Health Survey 2014–15 and the National Hospital Morbidity Database 2016–17.

In 2016–17, there were 536,804 hospitalisations with a musculoskeletal condition as the principal diagnosis.

Of these hospitalisations, 41% had 1 additional chronic condition, 9.0% had 2 and 3.4% had 3 or more. Common comorbidities included diabetes, colitis and nerve damage in the limbs.