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Nursing Update: Issue 11 November 2018

Nursing Update - Issue 11 November 2018

Feature Articles

Communication training and its effects on carer and care‐receiver outcomes in dementia settings: A systematic review
Hoang Nguyen, Daniel Terry, Hoang Phan, James Vickers, Fran McInerney. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Oct 2018. Early View.
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The use of debridement in the healing of diabetic foot ulcers
Emily Moore, Natasha Charlwood, and Mehtab Ahmad. British Journal of Nursing 2018 27:20, S12-S14 
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Nurses' role in recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in surgical patients
Suad Mohammmed; Iddrisu.Ana; F Hutchinson. Yasmin Sungkar, Julie Considine. Journal of Clinical Nursing,
Volume 27, Issue9-10. May 2018. Pages 1920-1930.

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Experiences of peripheral IV insertion in hospital: a qualitative study
Emily Larsen, Samantha Keogh, Nicole Marsh, Claire Rickard. British Journal of Nursing 2017 26:19, S18-S25.
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Care and management of a stoma: maintaining peristomal skin health
Anna Boyles, Sharon Hunt. British Journal of Nursing 2016 25:17, S14-S21.
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A Comparative Study of Smartphone Game with Spirometry for Pulmonary Function Assessment in Stroke Patients
Joo, Sunghee; Lee, Kyeongjin; Song, Changho.  BioMed Research International, 11/04/2018; 1-6.
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Healthcare professionals’ competence in digitalisation: A systematic review
Jenni Konttila, et al. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Oct 2018. Early View.
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Increasing Access to Palliative Care Services in the Intensive Care Unit
McCarroll, Caitlin Marie. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. Issue: Volume 37(3), May/June 2018, p 180–192.
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Nurses’ integrity and coping strategies: An integrative review
Sastrawan Sastrawan, Jennifer Margaret Newton, Gulzar Malik. Journal of Clinical Nursing, Oct 2018, Early View.
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Australian Articles  AU  

The care of older people with dementia in rural Australian hospitals – a case study
Shannon, Kay; Grealish, Laurie; Cruickshank, Mary. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing (Online); Melbourne Vol. 36, Iss.1, (Sep-Nov 2018): 6-15. Full text

Clinical handover of immediate post-operative patients: A literature review.
Clarke, Samantha; Clark-Burg, Karen; Pavlos, Elaine. ACORN: The Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia (ACORN),
Winter2018; 31(2): 29-35.

Investigating cardiovascular patients’ preferences and expectations regarding the use of social media in health education

Nidal F. Eshah (2018) Contemporary Nurse, 54:1, 52-63.
Full text

Assessment of pain in chronic wounds: A survey of Australian health care practitioners.
Frescos, Nicoletta. International Wound Journal, Dec 2018; 15(6): 943-949.
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Quality and Cultural Sensitivity of Linguistically Appropriate Cardiovascular Disease Information for Chinese Immigrants: A Review of Online Resources From Heart Foundations
Li, Jialin; Lowres, Nicole; Jin, Kai; Zhang, Ling; Neubeck, Lis; Gallagher, Robyn. The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. Issue: Volume 33(3), May/June 2018, p 269–280.
Full text                                  

Nutritional screening, assessment and implementation strategies for adults in an Australian acute tertiary hospital: a best practice implementation report
Smith, Louise; Chapman, Amanda; Flowers, Kelli; Wright, Kylie; Chen, Tanghua; O'Connor, Charmaine; Astorga, Cecilia; Francis, Nevenka; Vigh, Gia; Wainwright, Craig. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 16(1):233-246, January 2018.

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Research & Training 

Impact of clinical placements on graduates' choice of first staff-nurse post
Mark Wareing, Renate Taylor, Aileen Wilson, and Adrienne Sharples. British Journal of Nursing 2018 27:20, 1180-1185.
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An Interprofessional Web-Based Teaching Module to Enhance Competency of the Advanced Practice Nursing Clinical Education in the Emergency Department
Ro, Kumhee ; Weiland, Christy; Sin, Mo-Kyung. Advanced  Emergency Nursing Journal. Issue: Volume 40(2), April/June 2018, p 127–130.
Full text

Using the Levels of Sickness Teaching Strategy to Engage Students in Recognizing Clinical Deterioration
Toto, Diane L. Nurse Educator, Issue: Volume 43(6), November/December 2018, p 287–288.
Full text

Exploring attitudes of healthcare professionals towards ICT-based interventions for nursing home residents with dementia: a mixed-methods approach
Julie Lorraine O'Sullivan. Contemporary Nurse, Volume 54, 2018 - Issue 1: Social Media, Technology and Communication.
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