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Nursing Update: Issue 9 & 10 September-October 2019

Nursing Update - Issue 9 & 10 September-October August 2019

Feature Articles

Spiritual Care at the Bedside: Are We Practicing What We Preach?
Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston; Gober-Park, Carla; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy; Mamier, Iris; Somaiya, Chintan K.; Bahjri, Khaled.
Journal of Christian Nursing, IssueVolume 36(4), October/December 2019, p 238-243.
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Forgiveness and Spiritual Distress: Implications for Nursing
Glenn, Chontay Taylor; Pieper, Barbara. Journal of Christian Nursing, issue. Vol(3), July/September 2019, p 185-189.
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Mind the Gaps: A Qualitative Study Combining Patients’ and Nurses’ Reflections on Pain Care
Kine Gjesdal et al. Sage Open Nursing. Volume 5: 1–10. First Published August 13, 2019.
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Victoria Vaughan Dickson et al. Nursing Research and Practice, Volume 2013, Article ID 407608, 16 pages,
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Diabetes Self-Management Education: Miles to Go
Helen Altman Klein, Nursing Research and Practice, Volume 2013, Article ID 581012.
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An Analysis of Italian Nurses’ Approach to Patients’ Pain: A Nationwide Online Survey
Chiara Angeletti et al. Pain Research and Management
Volume 2018, Article ID 5165262, 8 pages,
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Management of Trazodone Overdose with Severe Hypotension
Luis David Camacho et al. Case Reports in Emergency Medicine, Volume 2019, Article ID 2470592.
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What factors influence ward nurses’ recognition of and response to patient deterioration? An integrative review of the literature
Debbie Massey et al. Nursing Open, Volume 4, Issue 1 January 2017, Pages 6-23.
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Implementation of a Risk Assessment Tool to Reduce Aspiration Pneumonia in Nonstroke Patients
Cipra, Elizabeth J. Clinical Nurse Specialist. Issue: Volume 33(6), November/December 2019, p 279-283.
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The Use of Ketamine for the Management of Acute Pain in the Emergency Department
Davis, Wesley D. Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal. Issue: Volume 41(2), April/June 2019, p 111-121.
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Research & Training

Learning Sterile Procedures Through Transformative Reflection: Use of iPad Videos in a Nursing Laboratory Course
Cernusca, Dan; Thompson, Shila; Riggins, Janet. Nurse Educator, Issue: Volume 43(6), November/December 2018, p 330–333.
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Enhancing Students’ Blended Learning Experience through Embedding Meta literacy
Jieming Ma et al. Education Research International Volume 2019, Article ID 6791058,
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Methodological research open questions, the need for ‘research on research’ and its implications for evidence-based health care and reducing research waste
Puljak, Livia. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare: September 2019 - Volume 17 - Issue 3 - p 145–146.
doi: 10.1097/XEB.0000000000000201
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Medical Students’ Experience of Mindfulness Training in the UK: Well-Being, Coping Reserve, and Professional Development
Alice Malpass, Kate Binnie, Lauren Robson. Education Research International
Volume 2019, Article ID 4021729,
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Nursing students' perception of patient‐centred care: A qualitative study
Golnar Ghane.First published: 17 October 2019,
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Scope: Journal on education and learning aspects 

"ASME is unique in that it draws its members from all areas of medical/clinical education – undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing – and from all specialties. It has a function as a forum for debate and exchange of information, and is building on its contacts in medicine and teaching nationally and internationally and among other networks, to promote excellence in clinical education and training. Healthcare professionals and medical educators from any specialty and level are invited to join".

Applying adaptive expertise for students’ clinical decision making
Tom Hutchinson, Linda S Snell, Jeffrey Wiseman, Stuart Lubarsky. Medical Education. Early View.14 October 2019 
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The hidden curriculum in nursing education: a scoping study 
Annalisa Raso et al. Volume 53, Issue 10, October 2019. Pages 989-1002.
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Guidance for conducting systematic scoping reviews
Peters, Micah D.J; Godfrey, Christina M. ; Khalil, Hanan; McInerney, Patricia; Parker, Deborah; Soares, Cassia Baldini.
International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare: September 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 3 - p 141–146
doi: 10.1097/XEB.0000000000000050
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Electronic textile-based electrocardiogram monitoring in cardiac patients, a scoping review
Teferra, Meseret N.1; Ramos, Joyce S.2; Kourbelis, Constance2; Newman, Peter2; Fleury, Amanda1; Hobbs, David1; Reynolds, Karen J.1; Clark, Robyn A.2. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports: October 2019 - Volume 17 - Issue 10 - p 1958–1998 doi: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2017-003989. SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS.
Full text

Effectiveness of avatar-based technology in patient education for improving chronic disease knowledge and self-care behavior: a systematic review
Wonggom, Parichat; Kourbelis, Constance; Newman, Peter; Du, Huiyun; Clark, Robyn A. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports.Volume 17(6), June 2019, p 1101-1129.
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JBI Education and training

Feature articles with an Australian focus or patient cohort

The Influence of Health Literacy and Depression on Diabetes Self-Management: A Cross-Sectional Study. 
D. Maneze, B. Everett,C. Astorga, D. Yogendran,Y. Salamonson. Journal of Diabetes Research
Volume 2016, Article ID 3458969,
Full text

Increasing Light Exposure for the Prevention of Delirium: A Systematic Review 
Groves, Rachel L. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. Issue: Volume 38(2), March/April 2019, p 96-107.
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